At Le Cercle Des Arts our primary objective is to assist investors in profiting from a considered investment in Urban art, but we realise that when you buy an artwork there may be a number of other aspects with which you require assistance. We offer a comprehensive service to assist and guide you in ownership of an artwork.

At Le Cercle Des Arts we help both the novice and expert navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the global art market and provide advice and guidance on making the right kinds of investments – make no mistake, contemporary art is big business, with leading galleries in the UK attracting in excess of 15 million visitors last year alone.

Accordingly, the acquisition of art as a high- performance asset class is no longer considered an alternative financial investment, but a key one. The work of an emerging artist bought today for thousands may, one day, be worth tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands – therefore it is vital to know which artists to invest in.

We firmly believe that every acquisition should be a marriage of aesthetic appreciation and wise investment, and we make it our business to offer both the novice and experienced investor the perfect marriage of an enriching and sophisticated appreciation of urban contemporary art and the financial satisfaction of investment performance.

“Untitled” 2017,


We are a specialist art investment consultancy headquartered on DIFC in Dubai, UAE.

We provide clear, unpretentious art investment advice to our clients in order to help them navigate the sometimes complicated landscape of the Street Art market.

We provide art investors and collectors with the tools needed to invest wisely in Street art. We specialise in identifying emerging artists whose work has the undoubted potential to drastically increase in value.

We source work from the next generation of emerging artists attracting both first-time art buyers seeking to invest, and established collectors keen to add new blood to their art portfolios.


In the highest echelons of the art world, headlines are often grabbed by big-ticket auction sales – a Lucian Freud, for example, will sell for $33 million, or a Renoir for US$15 million. Results such as these get the salesroom cheering but – be assured – profitable disposals are made a very long way below that level; they just don’t make the headlines.

At Cercle Des Art we have work available by emerging artists from as little as $3,000. At this affordable level, you can acquire something from an emerging artist who is already beginning to create an impression in the market, and whose work we believe has the potential drastically to increase in value in the future.

From the $15,000-mark we can often supply investors with access to work by more established artists. At this higher price level, you can own a piece by an artist whose name is widely known– one who has already attracted significant attention in both the media and the market, and from serious collectors.

If you have a particular artist whose work you would like to buy, then we can often ascertain exactly which works are available, and at what price – through
our extensive international network of art market contacts we can usually source work from artists, studios, agents, collectors, and other galleries. If it’s work by one specific artist that you want to acquire, then we can act as your buying agent for a small commission.

KAWS “Untitled” 2016 142 x 126 cm Oil On Canvas

KAWS “Untitled” 2016 142 x 126 cm Oil On Canvas


Capital Growth Potential

When isolated the contemporary art segment of the Mei Moses Art Index reveals that contemporary art has delivered a compounded average annual return of 10.85% per annum between 1966 and 2016.

Investing in a piece of Art means your investment is Fully Asset Backed

When you invest in a piece of Art you become the owner of a tangible asset which will always, unlike some other investments such as stocks and shares, have a residual value.

Satisfaction of Ownership

Investing in a piece of art won’t yield an income as it’s a capital growth orientated investment. Instead your dividend is the ability to enjoy owning your piece of art by living with it hanging in your home or even in your office.


The global art market is by and large completely uncorrelated to the world’s major stock markets. It can therefore be used by investors as an excellent portfolio diversification tool in times of economic uncertainty.


Investing in Art can be an excellent hedge against inflation, as shown in the graph below. At the time of writing (October 2017) inflation has just hit a 5 year high of 3%.

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At Le Cercle Des Arts we believe that actions speak louder than words. The best way we can demonstrate to investors that we are worth taking seriously as art advisors is our track record. We are very proud of the following tangible results:

Between the 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017 the average percentage pro t achieved by Le Cercle Des Arts clients was 19.8%. This is the mean gure calculated from the sale of every piece of client-owned work in this period which we had previously supplied to clients between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017.

We have dedicated slides on our presentation which features numerous client case study, demonstrating the purchase and subsequent sale of works of art by clients which have contributed to this excellent average return.

The bar chart below compares the average return achieved by Le Cercle Des Arts clients against the performance of other asset classes between 1st of January 2017 and 31st of December 2017:

KAWS “Untitled” 2016 142 x 126 cm Oil On Canvas


When you choose to invest in a piece of art with us we will always provide you with some important documentation relating to your purchase, including a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a signed Insurance Valuation

“It’s not what you look at the matters, it’s what you see”.

Henry David Thoreau

Erik Parker “New Breed Bay” 2017 72 color silkscreen 38h x 54w in.

A Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity, commonly referred to by the acronym COA is an important document which vouches for the authenticity Of a work of art. We will always issue you with an individual signed certificate for authenticity for any piece of art supplied by us at the time of purchase. Our advice is simple – never buy a piece without a COA.

A Valuation

A valuation is essential for ensuring your piece of art we will always supply you with a signed valuation with any purchase you make through us.

Taking Delivery

If you have the space, adequate security and insurance then we will always recommend taking delivery of any artwork you purchased through us. This is because art, unlike some other asset classes, is an investment which can be enjoyed at home. If you choose to take delivery of your art, then we can arrange this for you at highly discounted commission rate. We will never add a profit margin a delivery of a piece of art for a customer but instead organize for you using one of our trade partners at the true cost

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